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Goodbye Unwanted Migraines

How MGB [MindBodyGreen]'s Wellness Editor got her Technology-Induced Migraines to Go Away

Do you ever give your eyes a break from constant screen time? Sometimes it requires more than just trying home remedies or eye exercises to combat eyestrain or a pesky headache. For

Ray Bass, associate movement & wellness editor for MGB, using her computer and phone everyday is necessary.

“I spend a lot of time constantly looking from my laptop to desktop, to work phone to social phone, and most days it leaves me lightheaded.”  -Ray Bass, MGB’s Associate Movement & Wellness Editor.

Although technology is part of our daily routine, it is important to be aware that unpleasant side effects and negative psychological and emotional impact of social media, can occur. In 2018, Mindbodygreen’s named it, “The Big Next Tobacco,” as its vast usage has altered human interaction and changes in brain chemistry.  Even tech executives like Steve Jobs limited their kids’ screen time.

As much as we strive to spend less time on our laptops, tablets or phones to avoid such negative symptoms, it doesn’t always work as planned. Blue-light-filtering glasses are an alternative option to combat eyestrain, dry eyes, headaches or migraines on any device used. The technology behind the lenses filter 50% of blue light and up to 95% at the strongest wavelengths. Whether you’re bouncing from laptop to phone or tv screen, blue-light-filtering glasses will ease the transitions and protect your eyes.

“These glasses take the edge off the harsh light that comes from my computer and phone…they’ve definitely helped me feel less nauseous and allowed me to focus on my tasks.”  -Ray Bass, MGB’s Associate Movement & Wellness Editor

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