Fit Guide

With our little guide, you’ll learn that there’s a frame for everyone, figure out which pair of Pixel glasses look best on you!

Looking for the right pair of glasses can be daunting, especially if you don’t normally wear glasses. In general, frames that contrast your facial features work best. This easy fit guide includes 5 common face shapes that will help you choose your perfect pair. You’ll be rocking our Pixel Eyewear glasses in no time!

What frame shape are you?


An Oval face shape is longer and well-balanced. Most people fall under the oval face shape. The higher cheekbones narrow down to a soft rounded jawline. The measurements of an oval face are greater in length and shorter in width.


There’s no frame style that can go wrong for an oval shaped face as your unique attributes are proportionally balanced.

Our Recommended Styles:

Ventus, Buteo, Meru, Luna, Omni, Argo, Thera, Toro, Capra, Aery


A square  face shape prominently features a short angular forehead and cheek bones with a sharp jawline that are relatively similar in diameter. The length and width measurements of a square face are proportional.


Since square faces are angular, it’s a good idea to opt for rounder frames or short rectangular frames. The contrast will soften your sharp features and make your face look a little longer.

Our Recommended Styles:

Argo, Asper, MeruVentus, Capra, Cerco, Lepo, Aery


A round face shape features soft curved angles on the forehead, cheekbones and jawline that are relatively similar in diameter. The cheeks are full and non-angular. Similar to a square face, the length and width measurements of a round face are proportional.


Since round faces are non-angular, it's best to opt for square or rectangular glasses which are wider and balance your curved angles with sharp features. This contrast gives the appearance a slimmer look.

Our Recommended Styles:

Thera, Oryc, Buteo, Aery, Meru, Omni, Luna, Toro


An oblong  face shape has similar features to an oval face; however, oblong faces tend to be longer, slimmer and less wide. The right frame will help by adding width and break up the length of the face.


Frames that have taller lenses or bold browlines will complement oblong faces as it your chin and create a nice balance from the top half and bottom half of your face.

Our Recommended Styles:

Capra, VentusLuna, Cerco, Asper, Thera, Argo, Toro


A Heart face shape features wide forehead and cheekbones that tapers to a narrow jawline and pointed chin. The frame should balance out the width of the face and draw


Select from round or cat-eye shaped glasses as this will help widen the appearance of your chin and create a nice balance from the top half and bottom half of your face.

Our Recommended Styles:

Luna, OmniThera, Ventus, CapraToro, Meru, Buteo, Aery

Additional Tips

1. Go with your gut! Often the styles that first caught your attention are the style you end up going with.

2. General rule is to go with a frame shape that is opposite of your face to highlight your features.

3. Compare measurements to glasses or sunglasses you currently wear. Click Here for the measurements of all of our styles.

screen glasses style selection for men and women

Our Tips are Just Recommendations

If you really like a specific style, just go with it. At the end of the day, it’s about your personal style :) If it doesn't work out, we can easily exchange them!

Still having trouble deciding? Feel free to send a photo of yourself to and our eyewear specialist will recommend a few styles for you!