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How to Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Up When Wearing a Mask

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends to practice social distancing, wash hands regularly, and wear a face mask in public. As businesses gradually reopen and reinforce CDC guidelines, face masks will become the “new normal” for at least a year, health experts suggest. This can be problematic if you wear glasses.

Face masks that fit loosely around the nose create a clear pathway at the top of the mask, making it easy for warm breath to escape. Once the moisture reaches the lenses it fogs them up.

To prevent this from happening, here is a step-by-step guide to keep your current face mask from fogging up your glasses.

1. Fold down the top portion of your face mask.

For face masks that fit loosely, folding down the top part of the face mask helps close the extra space where your breath escapes. Make sure the face mask still covers your nose and mouth after you fold the top part, otherwise, you may need to refer to an alternative solution.

2. Add a folded tissue inside the top of your face mask.

Fold the clean tissue paper into a rectangle and size it to the length of your face mask. This technique helps trap any moisture from escaping.

3.  Apply tape to the top of your face mask.

It is recommended to use surgical tape since it is gentle to the skin and leaves minimal adhesive residue when removing. Place the mask on your face. Apply the tape to the outside of the top of your mask and press it against your face. This will create a tight seal to prevent moisture from reaching your lenses.

4. Use soap and water to wash your glasses.

The soap creates a thin layer of film on the lenses that help prevent fog. Apply a dab of soap on each lens and work lightly in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water. Air-dry the glasses or wipe down with a microfiber or soft cotton cloth until dry.