Our lens are specifically designed to alleviate your digital eye strain. They’re made from CR-39, a plastic used to make aircraft windshields. This high quality plastic is thinner, lighter, safer, and tougher than traditional lens materials like glass. All our lenses go through a special coating process that allow them to filter out harmful blue light that comes from digital screens. Additional to the coating, we use a tinting method that further enhances the protection from artificial light. The lens also feature anti-reflective coating that reduces lens glare which commonly causes headaches, a tough resistant anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection.

Our frames are made from cellulose acetate, the same material that is used by other high-end eyewear brands. Cellulose acetate is a natural material that is extremely lightweight and durable. The frames are polished by hand and go through rigorous inspection prior to shipping. We designed our frames to look great on every face shape and to sit comfortably on your nose. We wear them, we love them, so we want to share them with you.